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Black Stain Removal for Hospitals

Pro Spray Wash provides surface cleaning for hospitals. A hospital or medical center should be a sterile and safe environment. You only have one chance to create an experience that will inspire trust in your patients and visitors. When your building sparkles, potential patients are going to begin their experience with the subliminal message of doubt in the environment.


Pro Spray Wash is skilled and trained in

the most advanced cleaning techniques.

We clean roof tops, surfaces, sidewalks,

water features, and more.

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There's no greater need for cleanliness than at a hospital and it starts with the exterior.

Uniformed Crews

Pro Spray Wash has uniformed team

members who are polite, courteous and

are trained in customer service and

public safety. It is our goal to be

"in-and out", leaving your business looking its best with minimal impact on your commerce.


Night-time Cleaning

Pro Spray Wash has overnight crews who can work when your business is closed or pedestrian traffic is at a minimum to avoid any loss of commerce for you!


Maintenance Plan

Whether you need a monthly, annual or

even a one time service to make your

business look its best, Pro Spray Wash

can provide you with an optimum

maintenance plan.



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