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Black Stain Removal for Individual Homes

The cleaner your roof, the healthier your roof! And everyone knows that cleaning extends the life of everything but actually getting those hard stains clean is a different story!


Pro Spray Wash can clean the exterior of your home and make it look new again! We can clean your roof, siding, sidewalk, outdoor furniture, and more.


If left untreated you could experience:

    • Premature loss of your shingle granules

    • Loss of your shingle warranty

    • Rising utility costs

    • Airborne algeas which could infect neighbors' homes

    • Expensive solutions to clean if you wait too long

    • Denial of insurance coverage for future roof damage


Our softwash process gently removes this algae and other discoloration areas caused by trees, dirt, dust, and pollen.  When we’re done, you roof will look new again! Our process won’t void your shingle warranty and in just a few hours, your roof or infected area will look new again!

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Exterior house cleaning

extends the life of your home.