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Home Owner's Association / Property Managers

In charge of multiple buildings?  Pro Spray Wash will work with you to develop an affordable program that meets your budget and prioritizes property maintenance projects.


The initial inspection will identify current and future cleaning and repair needs, with a comprehensive inspection report, including photos.  


Property managers receive trusted professional assistance from Pro Spray Wash to simplify budgeting projections and project staging to keep everyone safe and limit the inconvenience to residents.


Not only do the black streaks compromise the appearance of the property, but if left untreated, can result in the loss of up to 50% of the roof's intended service life.  As well, this algae is airborne and will move from one building to the next. Being proactive will save the expense of premature roof replacement.  


Pro Safe Wash process gently removes this algae and other discolored areas caused by trees, dirt, dust, and pollen.  



Never let anyone clean your roof with a pressure washer!


Once we treat the infected area, your roof will look new again and won’t void your shingle warranty!


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Extend the life of your property's roofs by keeping them clean.

If left untreated it could cause:

  • Premature loss of shingle granules

  • Loss of shingle warranty

  • Rising utility costs

  • Algae to move to neighbors homes

  • Expensive solutions if you wait too long

  • Denial of insurance coverage for future roof damage


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